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When was the last time you reached for the Yellow Pages to find a product or service?

Not lately, right?

The way we find goods and services nowadays is by searching for what we want on the internet.  I still marvel continuously at how lucky we are to have the ultimate encyclopedia experience at our fingertips.  For a business however, it can be a double edged sword.  People can find your business on the internet, but not unless they see you on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

So, are you on the first page of Google for the search terms that your potential clients will be using to find you?  Are there more search terms you’d like to place highly for in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)?

Of course you’d like to DOMINATE PAGE ONE of the SEARCH ENGINES!

I have been helping businesses to have multiple listings in their niche on page one for years now.  With every change the Search Engine’s make to how they display the top ranked sites, I have continuously tweaked my methods to compensate for their updates. That is one of the many ways I have been so successful at getting sites to page one in the SERPS and keeping them there.

But it doesn’t end there.  I believe you should not only place on page one of the SERPs, but you should DOMINATE the listings.  My special Search Engine Marketing techniques will help you acquire visitors using Social Sites, Articles, Directories, Press Releases, Forums, Blogs, Videos and other types of sites.

For a limited time we are accepting new clients to help dominate the search engines.  This is an especially powerful program because we use organic techniques to help you achieve top listings and you will really start seeing some spectacular results.

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Compare Summer Search Engine Marketing Special Plans
  Discovery Silver Gold Platinum* Ultimate**
Facebook Page          
Twitter Acct          
Press Release          
Index Sites          
Bookmark Sites          
Profile Links          
Blog Comments          
RSS Submissions          
Keyword Discovery          
Site Examination          
Competitor Analysis          
Site Functionality          
Internal SEO          

*Platinum receive 2 articles, 2 press releases

** Ultimate receive 4 articles, 2 press releases, 2 videos


YES! I Want To Dominate The Internet!
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 Web Domination DISCOVERY Plan - $250 

  • internet-marketing-discovery-planDirectory submissions to over 200 sites
  • Index  submissions to over 500 sites
  • Keyword Discovery - what are the words people use to discover your site

Iinternet Marketing DISCOVERY Plan
USD 125.00

 Web Domination SILVER Plan - $ 550

internet-marketing-silver-planAll the above plus:
  • Keyword Discovery - what are the words and phrases people are using to find your business
  • 1 Written Article submitted to hundreds of sites
  • 1 Press Release submitted to over 30 sites
  • Submissions will be pinged and have rss submitted
  • Twitter account created and templated to look like your site (if needed)
  • Facebook page (if needed)

Iinternet Marketing SILVER Plan
USD 275.00

 Web Domination GOLD Plan - $1000.

internet-marketing-gold-planAll the above plus:
  • 1 Press Release submitted to over 20 sites
  • 1 Video created and submitted to multiple video sites
  • 300 + Profile links
  • Site Examination - We will recommend further changes from the discovery process

Iinternet Marketing GOLD Plan
USD 500.00

 Web Domination PLATINUM Plan - $2000

  internet-marketing-platinum-planAll the above plus:
  • 2 Written Article submitted to hundreds of sites
  • 2 Press Release submitted to over 25 sites
  • 500 + Profile and Comment links
  • Site Functionality - recommend ways to improve user experience
  • Internal SEO - Create more efficient Meta Tags and plot content path

Iinternet Marketing PLATINUM Plan
USD 1,000.00

 Web Domination DIAMOND Plan - $3200.

internet-marketing-diamond-planAll the above plus:
  • 2 Videos created and submitted to multiple video sites
  • 1200 + Profile and Comment links
  • Demographics - Who are your target customers and how do you find more
  • Competitor Analysis - Who is your competition and how can you surpass them

Iinternet Marketing DIAMOND Plan
USD 1,500.00

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